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News & Updates: News & Updates

Western Kenya LGBTI Convening 2021

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The LBQ Convening 2020

The Wider LGBTIQ+ Organizing in western Kenya has experienced monumental challenges over its 10 year growth.This change in growth provided for the Need for synergy and strategic partnerships between LGBTIQ+ organizations is a fundamental core for collective and social responsibility to its constituents.

This need for synergy saw LBQ organising convene to address the issues that hamper collective cohesion to create healthy inter-organizational relationships and working as a collective that will in turn  make our work become more effective and/or efficient as we work towards a common goal of liberating LBQ persons in Western Kenya from all forms of discrimination.

The Healing Convening organized with support from INEND and Elites LBQ saw the leadership of fall LBQ organizations in Western Kenya  come together and openly tHold authentic discussions on the challenges that LBQ organizations are facing and Come up with possible solutions to the challenges cited, imaging the future of LBQ organizing in Western Kenya as well strengthening partnerships in LBQ Organizing

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Tough on Turf Project

The findings of the Tough on Turf baseline survey sough to integrate and change norms that are specific to trans, or non-binary LBQT Womxn in sport in the process debunking myths and misconceptions that LBQT* Womxn in sport face amongst the key decision and policy makers and in the soccer arena in Western Kenya. This will then ignite discussions on attitude change and gender sensitivity as well as the Impact of discrimination LBQT* Womxn face.

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